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Key Learning #3: Bring on the A-Team

Often when a project is established, people are required from within an organisation to be part of the team. With most projects involving significant investment only the "A-Team" can be depended upon to deliver what is required.

Thursday 5 March 2015

Unfortunately some organisations appoint those who have some "spare time", need to be redeployed or for some reason have "become available".  Sadly this results in the "B-Team" taking on a project which is critical to the business and consequently failing - increasing costs, running over schedule, not delivering what is required and/or increasing risks.

How much do you think a "B-team" approach costs a project in time and money . . . now double it at least!

Now when I say the "A-Team" I don't mean the most knowledgeable or technically expert (though they may in fact be what's needed).  What I am referring to are those with the right skills - technical as well as interpersonal and conceptual and the ability to learn fast.  These are the best people to have on the team and if specific expertise is required then people with such expertise can be involved as SME's. 

Those Project / Program Managers who have a thorough understanding of the project requirements are better placed to assemble the best possible team.  Often they must draw on other advisers to help make their selections, just as they would for any important recruitment and selection exercise.  I believe that for some projects it is important to treat team selection as a proper recruitment exercise - complete with interviews, assessments and reference checks.

When a manager can clearly articulate a project's objectives, its link to strategy and the value it will deliver, they are also in a better position to negotiate with stakeholders for the release and commitment of team members.

Of course organisations only have a finite number of people and if the "A-Team" is not available then it is critical that some time be scheduled and budget be allowed for the training and development of team members and possible outsourcing.

Want support in assembling your A-Team? Contact us for some tips, guidance and help.


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